Permaculture Design Certificate Courses

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Courses

APCRD currently offers 2 PDC courses per year on the island of Oahu, Hawaii:

  1. Extended PDC: This course is designed for locals with their busy schedules in mind.  Classes meet either bi-weekly on alternating weekends (3 month duration) or for one weekend per month (6 month duration).  These course commence in winter (Jan/Feb) and end Spring or Summer.  Next course begins Winter 2016.
  2. 2-week intensive PDC: An immersive experience where students live in community for 14 days at a Permaculture demonstration site on Oahu.  This course is structured with 4 days on / 1 day off (x3) and offers locals & visitors alike a unique opportunity to experience Oahu in a profound new way.  Next course begins March 2017.

Based on the 72-hour curriculum taught around the world, students receive their Permaculture Design Certificate from APCRD upon successful completion of the course requirements.

Class of 2013 Oahu Permaculture Design Course @Pipeline Beach
Class of 2013 Oahu Permaculture Design Course @Pipeline Beach