Hunter HeaivilinHunter Heaivilin holds degrees in Tropical Forest Ecosystem and Agroforestry Management, and Sustainable Community Development. He has worked and taught on projects throughout Hawaii, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and South America.  He is lead designer at his consultancy firm Pono Permaculture and the coordinator of the Oahu Farm to School Network. He recently completed his Masters of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Hawaii with a research focus on policy levers to support urban agricultural programming in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Matthew Lynch

Matthew Lynch  is founder of the Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design, a Honolulu based nonprofit.  His work implements permaculture design principles in a broad range of community  projects from Mongolia to Australia and throughout the Pacific, from building resilience through food security, to sustainable economic development.  His talent for energizing communities and individuals has re-humanized urban and institutional systems in the developing and developed worlds, and works towards restoring & regenerating the ecological systems upon which these social systems depend.


Donna Lay

Donna Lay was the Owner-Operator of a popular vegetarian, natural foods restaurant in northern Arizona prior to moving to Hawaii, where she continues her work as a community activist. She currently serves as the President of Transition Oahu.  She was one of the first certified GREEN real estate brokers in AZ, holds her EcoBroker® designation, and has an interest in low-impact real estate development which express permaculture design principles and steward their natural resources.


  Consult the genius of the place in all;
That tells the waters or to rise, or fall;
Or helps th’ ambitious hill the heav’ns to scale,
Or scoops in circling theatres the vale;
Calls in the country, catches opening glades,
Joins willing woods, and varies shades from shades,
Now breaks, or now directs, th’ intending lines;
Paints as you plant, and, as you work, designs.
-Alexander Pope ‘Of the Use of Riches‘ (1731)